Signs That A Person Is Lying

Everyone tends to have different changes in their body language and behavior when lying, and there are many ways that one can detect signs that a person is lying. By being acquainted with these signs, it can be easy to detect whether someone is lying to you through careful observation of changes in their body language and behavior. While everyone reacts to lying in a different manner, these signs have persistently been seen as top signs that a person is lying, and most psychologists and interrogators will agree that these are telltale signs of a liar.

How To Catch a Lie
When looking for signs that a person is lying, there are a couple of different aspects to look at. While body language is known to be one of the first signs to look at, it is also important to consider the emotional gestures expressed, verbal context used, and the reactions and interactions that the person has with the interrogator. If you are familiar with the habits of the person you are talking to, you will be able to easily pick out many different changes in their behavior and emotions when having a conversation with them. It is important to first have a base and allow the person to relax before asking any questions. By having a good base of how the person reacts under less pressure, it is easier to identify subtle changes in their reactions and behaviors.
Lying And Body Language
Some of the most easier to spot signs lie in the person's body language. In terms of body language, the body language of a liar will change dramatically from someone who is telling the truth. Someone who is telling the truth will not feel any pressure at all which is why they are able to easily and freely describe events and occurrences without any problems.

A liar, on the other hand, will attempt to avoid eye contact as they are under pressure. By staring into your eyes, they may feel insecure about their lies which is why they will attempt to look away to the floors or to the walls. They will also generally take up less physical space as their facial expressions and body movements will be limited to a smaller area. These are signs that a person is lying is because these people are generally attempting to avoid contact. They may even turn their body away from the accuser.
Facial Expressions and Liars
There is also a timing change in expression of reactions in relationship to the context that it is being used in. The emotion that is displayed will be expressed longer, and you may find that the liar may not have an accurate facial expression in relationship to the context of their speech. Expressions are also limited. Generally speaking, a liar will attempt to cover up their expressions which is why they will have minimal facial movements.

In terms of speech, signs that a person is lying often will involve things like being defensive, and using formal speech rather than a natural form of language. A liar will refrain from using contractions, and will rephrase answers to match the accuser's questions.

There are many different signs that a person is lying, and at times, if you know the person well enough, you will be able to easily spot those signs. When talking to strangers, it can be a bit more difficult as you have no idea what their habits and behaviors are.

Signs That A Person Is Lying


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